How is your Spanish language class going?

If you are attending a Spanish language class at Happy Languages, this has been the second week of the new term.

Since the Covid-19 emergency started last March, we have been delivering online lessons to make sure that our students and staff are safe.

Time flies… And we just ended our 22nd week online!

Our experience with Zoom is really great and our students are now quite accustomed to the new mode.

So let’s have a look at how the week went for our Spanish students!

In our Beginner 2 course, students practised how to go shopping in Spanish through some activities and simulations. Really nice!

Talking about holidays, our Elementary 3 class focused on two different tenses: Pretérito Indefinito and Pretérito Perfecto. It was challenging but so good!

In the Intermediate 2 lesson, all the participants had to prepare questions to interview a classmate using specific tenses. As a revision it was really great!

Our Upper Intermediate 1 students focused on past tenses and wrote a description of their favourite celebrity without saying the name. Their classmates had to guess who was the person described. So fun!

The focus od the Upper Intermediate 2 class was the difference between the Pretérito Indefinido Continúo and Pretérito Imperfecto Continúo: students worked on it very hard!

Between lessons, there are a lot of resources on our website to revise topics and keep progressing!

Grammar tips, quiz, idiomatic expressions and video tutorials… You are really spoilt for choice!

See you soon!

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