Looking for Spanish language classes in London to prepare your DELE A1 Exam?

We offer individual Spanish language classes in London for exam’s preparation.

Nowadays gaining a language certification is a plus.

It can be useful for your career or as a personal goal to achieve: either way it is worth studying towards an exam to boost your motivation and get your certification.

DELE is the Spanish international language certification and offers 6 levels depending on your competence.

Let’s have a look at Level A1!

The Spanish Diploma Level A1 is the first step to be taken.

It certifies that you are able to use the language in basic everyday situations.

If you want to take this exam, you must know how to use the Spanish language to satisfy basic needs.

Also, you must know how to ask and give basic information about yourself and your everyday life and interact with others who speak as clearly as possible and are willing to cooperate.

What’s the exam’s structure?

You will face 4 sections:

  • reading – 4 tasks, 45 min.
  • listening – 4 tasts, 25 min.
  • writing – 2 tasks, 25 min.
  • speaking – 3 tasks, 20 min. (10 preparation + 10 speaking)

How are the classes planned?

Your individual classes will be planned accordingly to your specific needs.

As the exam includes different sections, you will pratise all of them, focusing on the tasks that bother you the most.

Your teacher will support you through the preparation choosing the best materials and providing past papers to simulate the exam.

So don’t wait any longer, start your preparation classes at Happy Languages!