If you are enjoying your Spanish language classes in London at Happy Languages, why don’t you move to the next level?

Once you complete your Intermediate 1 Spanish language classes in London at Happy Languages, there is the perfect continuation for you: the Intermediate 2 course.

At this stage you should have studied for around 105 hours.

Well, it is quite a lot!

What topics should you have covered so far?

You should have a good knowledge of Regular, Irregular, Reflexive, Stem-changing and Indirect verbs, Direct and Indirect Pronouns.

Also, you should feel confident using the Present Simple, Present Continuous and Present Perfect as well as the Indefinite Past and the Imperfect Past.

If you have covered these topics, you will definitely feel at ease in the Intermediate 2 course!

And what will you learn?

The course starts with a revision of some important topics and gives you the opportunity to refresh all the tenses studied.

The first new topic is the Verbal Periphrasis: you will learn different periphrasis types and distinguish some common uses.

Then you will move to the Simple Future and learn how to express intentions or use it when talking about near future, but also how to use it for doubts and suppositions.

The last grammar topic will be the Present Conditional, used to express wishes and probability, politeness, suggestions and advice. Also, you will go through making past hypothesis.

As you can see, the course is quite challenging and you will be pushed to practise a lot during your lessons but you will always have fun!

Your teacher will find the best activities to enjoy your time spent at Happy Languages so that your course will be amazing!

So are you ready to enrol in our Intermediate Spanish classes in London?

While you are waiting to start your course, you can even refresh some topics watching our lovely video tutorials. Enjoy!