Do you want to start Spanish language classes in London from January?

After the Christmas break, we will be waiting for you for our Spanish language classes in London!

All our courses will restart from the last week of January 2020.

If you are not sure about the course you should choose, that’s not a problem!

If you contact us in advance we will be able to help you register for the right one.

Have you studied Spanish for around 45 hours?

The Elementary 1 course should be the one for you!

It will start from the 29th January and last for 10 weeks, 1 hour and a half per week.

This course corresponds to the beginning of level A2, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

During the course you will enhance your language competence and go through new topics.

What will you study?

First of all, you will talk about language learning.

Difficulties, emotions, motivation and recommendations for other students will be the topics you will talk about.

In order to do that you will revise regular, irregular and reflexive verbs in the Present Tense.

You will also study some useful prepositions to express duration.

Then you will move on to cinema, biographies and past experiences.

One of the main grammar topics will be the Pretérito Indefinido, but you will also see how some time expressions and prepositions work when referred to the past.

After that, you will learn how to describe a house, express your tastes and preferences, compare different options.

In addition to that, you will describe objects and explain where they are located.

So you will need comparatives, possessives, prepositions and verbs such as preferir, gustar and encantar.

A very rich programme to go through!

Don’t forget that you will always have our useful online resources to have a look at.

Ready for your new language journey?