Have you been taking Spanish language classes in London for about 45 hours?

Among all the Spanish Language Classes in London, our Elementary 1 course is perfect for you to move on then!

Being the first course of a new level, it focuses on revision of basic topics first and then gradually introduces you to new ones.

Also, a vocabulary revision will continue throughout the course.

Each lesson will give you the chance to revise one specific topic, such as clothing, weather, idiomatic expressions with “tener” and “hacer”, future plans and so on.

This is very important to consolidate previous knowledge and use the language as much as possible.

Let’s see in more detail!

The initial revision will make you refresh your knowledge of the following topics: regular verbs, Ser and Estar, dates, times, prices.

You will have the chance to practice through presentations and basic conversations, asking questions and answering.

Then you will start studying stem-changing verbs: this is the main topic of the course and needs a lot of attention and practice to get it quickly.

You will learn stem-changing verbs -o>-ue, -e>-ie, -e>-i .

You will also focus on the verb “poder” to make a request and express abilities, learn how to express you preferences and opinions or how to order something.

Each topic will be practiced with useful activities: using the language with classmates and teacher will be amazing!


The course will be held in a  gorgeous venue, the Aldgate Tower, where you will relax drinking a coffee before your course and making new friends.

Why choosing it.

Our Elementary 1 course is very convenient as it is an Evening Course taking place once per week on a weekday from 7pm to 8.30pm.

This means that you can easily take the course after work, without affecting your schedule.

The high standard teaching quality guarantees that you progress smoothly and have a strong point of reference for any difficulties: your teacher will be always available to support you through the course and help you achieve your goals.

Also, during the course you can enjoy some fantastic resources like our Spanish video tutorials on Youtube: have a look!

If you want to study Spanish in London, it has never been so good!