A good Spanish language course has to be based on great materials.

This is why at Happy Languages we do care about what materials student use in order to reach their goals.

There are many fantastic textbooks on the market, do you know Gente hoy 1?

Published by Difusión, Gente hoy is a very well structured textbook, perfect for young adults and adults to support them through their language journey.

The first volume refers to levels A1 and A2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

It comes with a CD to listen to the audio tracks contained in the book, whilst the workbook is separated.

Why is it so good?

Well, the first feature that you notice is that it is orientated to communication and use of the language in real situations.

Also, students are encouraged to discover how the language work, which makes the book more attractive as it stimulates curiosity and is very challenging.

Students are always very active and contribute to their learning process instead of just receiving information.

They develop all the skills and thoroughly practise every new topic.

Have a look at all the topics it introduces here.

Are you studing Spanish for work?

The great news is that Gente hoy is perfect if your are going to work in a Spanish speaking country.

In fact, Gente hoy – Complemento de español profesional 1 is exactly what you need!

Your Spanish language course might be integrated by this useful book dedicated to a more specific language related to your job.

If you work or study in the economics, sales, engineering, tourism fields, using this textbook will help you get familiar with the essential vocabulary and practise in work related situations.

In addition, the book gives importance to cultural aspects which are essential to work in a different country.

Ready to start your Spanish language course?