Taking a Spanish language course is not only learning the language!

We bet during your Spanish language course you do enjoy some Spanish specialties as well.

If you have a very sweet tooth, we do recommend to try some lovely churros.

Their name comes from a specific breed of sheep called Navajo-Churro: these kind of Spanish doughnuts look very similar to their horns, which is why they are called churros.

Have you ever had these fritters?

Crispy outside and soft inside, normally served with thick hot chocolate…churros are just amazing.

Very typical in Spain, they are popular in South America as well.

Let’s find out where to try the best churros in London then!

Churros Garcia. A family run business which started fifty years ago: Churros Garcia is definitely one of the most popular in London and serve fantastic churros.

You can regularly find their stalls at Portobello Market, Canopy Market, St Katherine’s Dock Market and Riverside Market.

Churros are freshly made on site in front of you, so that you can see how to make them from scratch!

Love Churros. A number of stalls, pop-ups and kiosks (in Fulham and Brixton) with the aim of serving delicious churros.

Love Churros import the best ingredients from Spain and take new staff to specific training courses in Spain in order to serve authentic, great quality churros.

La Churreria. If you come across their stall in Camden Market, you can go for the marshmallow or candy shards toppings and try something less traditional.

Alternatively, their butterscotch sauce to dip your churros is incredibly good!

Seven at Brixton. After some great Spanish tapas and lovely cocktails, you can’t leave without trying their churros, sprinkled with cinnamon and served with a thick hot chocolate you will love!

Churros London. Back to the Camden Market? This time try the Churros London options: with the classic hot chocolate or with dulce de leche (toffee), which is a South-American delicious alternative.

Which one will you try first?