Do you want to practice what you learn in your Spanish language course?

Normally people who attend a Spanish language course are very keen on finding nice ways to improve their skills.

If you like the Spanish cinema or are curious to discover it, one of the most famous representatives is definitely Penélope Cruz.

We bet you already saw her a number of times since she is very popular worldwide.

So watching one of her movies in Spanish might be your next challenge!

Let’s find out more about Penélope Cruz!

Known as the “Spanish enchantress”, she was born in Alcobendas, not far from Madrid.

She started working in fashion and got the first roles in cinema when she was only a teenager.

In 1992 her first movie with the Spanish film director Bigas Luna, then her role in Belle Époque, which won the Oscar Prize as Best Foreign Language Movie.

Her popularity grew after her meeting with Pedro Almodóvar, who fell artistically in love with her.

From that point on, Penélope performed in many of his movies.

The first great success with him was All about my mother, but we also remember Volver and Broken Embraces.

In 2008 she won the Oscar Prize as Best Supporting Actress with the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Woody Allen, who directed her also in To Rome With Love.

In this last movie, she even recited in Italian!

She had learned Italian some years before to be chosen as lead actress in the Italian movie Non ti muovere, directed by Sergio Castellitto.

Her effort paid off and she definitely won the Italian audience over.

She has worked with amazing film directors and actors and built a fantastic career.

We can remember her in Blow, with Jonnhy Depp, in the Spanish movie Open Your Eyes directed by Alejandro Amenábar (read more), in All The Pretty Horses with Matt Damon, in Vanilla Sky with Cameron Crowe and many more.

So which movie will you start from?