Are you enjoying your Spanish language course?

If you want to practice after your Spanish language course, why don’t you try to order a coffee in Spanish?

Being able to interact in everyday situations is the first goal to reach when you learn another language.

That’s why going to one of the several Spanish bars and restaurants around London and putting into practice what you learnt would be great!

Let’s learn some useful words and expressions!

First of all, it is necessary to go through different types of coffee you can order.

Café solo –> single espresso served in a small cup.

Café doble –> double espresso.

Café americano –> Americano coffee, made adding hot water to an espresso shot.

Cortado –> a shot of espresso with a splash of milk.

Café con hielo –> iced coffee served in two cups, one with coffee and one with ice cubes. Adding coffee to the ice cubes glass and stirring, you will have your iced coffee!

Café con leche –> coffee with milk, which normally means half coffee and half milk.

Leche manchada –> “stained milk”, perfect if you are not a big coffee lover. It is basically a cup of hot milk with some drops of coffee.

Carajillo –> made adding your favourite liquour to a single espresso.

And what if the barista asks you if you want cold, hot or room temperature milk?

Caliente –> hot

Fría –> cold

Templada –> room temperature

So how would you order your coffee?

There are simple ways to order it:

¿Puede darme un café solo, por favor? –> Could you please give me an espresso?

Un café solo, por favor. –> A single espresso, please.

Ready to order your favourite coffee?

Join our Spanish Coffee Meet Up on the 8th June!

And if you want to practice more, watch some nice video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

Also, we have plenty of lovely online resources to go through.