Ready for our new Spanish language courses in London?

The next term Spanish language courses in London will start in January!

As usual, we have many different levels for you to choose the perfect course.

Not sure about your level in Italian?

We suggest you to contact us before registering so that we will be able to advice you!

If you want to take a Beginner 2 course, that’s what you should expect!

It will start from the 30th January and last for 10 weeks.

The course will take place once per week, from 7pm to 8.30 pm at David Game College.

Having covered the basics in the Beginner 1 course, you can take the Beginner 2.

Normally we consider that this is the right course to take if you have studied Spanish for around 15 hours.

The Beginner 2 course is about very interesting and useful topics.

You will learn how to express your needs and talk about your preferences, your tastes and interests, which is very important in a conversation!

Also, you will learn how to do shopping in Spanish with all the related vocabulary and expressions.

And then you will talk about relationships and habits as well.

A lot of new topics!

All the grammar you will learn will be necessary to reach your communication goals.

For example, you will study demonstratives, some important verbs such as ir, preferir and gustar, possessives and some reflexive verbs.

You will practice these topics with many activities…it will be fun!

And your teacher will add useful vocabulary every week to expand it as much as possible.

By the end of the course you will be able to communicate in new contexts and ready to move to Beginner 3!

So make sure you reserve your place on time and see you soon!