Our Spanish language courses in London will be back very soon!

At Happy Languages we will restart our Spanish language courses in London from the 27th January.

All our courses will be held in our lovely venue at David Game College, a few steps from Aldgate station.

How can you choose the right course?

In order to register in the right course, we normally consider the number of Spanish classes hours attended.

In addition to that, you can take a quiz online to see what is your level of Spanish.

However, as online tests can fail, we always suggest to contact us and have a chat with a teacher.

What does Upper Intermediate level mean?

It’s what we normally call B2 level accordingly to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

We split this level in 3 courses, 15 hours lesson each spread over 10 weeks.

If you have attended around 135 hours lesson, the Upper Intermediate 1 course should be fine!

This course is starting on the 30th January.

Main contents.

You will start with a thorough revision of all the past tenses studied: Pretérito Perfecto, Indefinido, Imperfecto and Pluscuamperfecto.

Then you will start learning perífrasis verbales and go through all the different cases, inclundind the Perífrasis Modales to express the speaker’s intentions.

After that, you will study the Future Tense, paying specific attention to irregular verbs and practising the conjugation.

You will express plans and intentions, but also hypothesis and make predictions.

Last but not least, you will study the Present Conditional.

A lot of new topics to learn!

But don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to revise them all during the last lessons!

Ready to start this new exciting course?


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