Looking for Spanish languages courses in London?

If you are browsing our Spanish language courses in London at Happy Languages and you have already studied for around 30 hours, the Beginner 3 course would be the natural continuation of your studies.

General features.

It is an evening course which normally lasts for 10 weeks, 1 hour and a half per week from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Choosing Spanish evening classes in London is perfect for all those who are very busy during the day!

The Spanish Beginner 3 course is held at our lovely office at the Aldgate Tower, just outside Aldgate East tube station: a vibrant area easily reachable by public transport and very close to the City.


After studying for about 30 hours you are ready to move on and learn new topics.

On the grammar side, you will start with regular verbs in -ar, -er and -ir.

Then you will approach irregular stem-changing verbs, learn the conjugations and memorize the most popular irregular cases.

In terms of vocabulary, you will go through music, travel, spare time, clothing, food and drinks.

By the end of the course you will be able to talk about your preferences, express opinions about different topics, order in a restaurant, talk about food and drinks, make requests.

You will constantly practice what you learn with nice activities and role-plays in order to use the language in realistic situations.

It is a very dense course, great to move to the next level!


All the teachers will help you learn in an easy and fun way: as they are qualified and experienced professionals, they will be able to understand your difficulties and support you if necessary but also to push you further and motivate you towards your goals.


All the materials are provided by your teacher lesson by lesson, so you don’t need to buy any books.

Taking Spanish courses in London has never been so good!

If you want to revise previous contents in the meantime, watch some useful video tutorials!

How does it sound? Ready to book your course?