The second week of our Spanish language courses has been amazing!

All our Spanish language courses took place on Zoom for the fifth week online.

Before the Easter break we had to move all the classes online due to the Coronavirus emergency.

After the break, as the situation had not changed, we restarted our online group courses and we are keep going!

Actually, online courses are just as fun as the face-to-face ones!

Our students are enjoying the new mode and making the most of it.

So what did they study?

The Beginner 3 group focused on a good revision of the previous course’s contents.

This was really useful to practise the main topics and refresh some grammar and vocabulary.

Our Elementary 1 students talked about themselves, their education and job.

Also, they talked about their difficulties with the Spanish language and learnt how to give the right advice depending on the problem.

In the Elementary 3 course, students practised the verb “parecer” to express their opinion about several situations.

Also, they studied Indefinite Adjectives and Pronouns and did some great activities to put them into practice.

The Intermediate 2 class was about Indirect Pronouns: students learnt them and then studied how to use them when we have two verbs in the same sentence.

Our Intermediate 3 students went through a thorough revision of all the tenses studied so far and focused on some irregular verbs.

It was a very busy week!

And now, we are ready to move on!