How are your Spanish lessons online going?

Taking some Spanish lessons online is a great way to keep learning the language you love even during these tough times.

We are offering online lessons since March due to the Covid-19 spread and we are really happy about how it’s going!

The 24th week online just ended and our students can’t wait to have their next class!

After a long day working from home, there is nothing better than having a chat in Spanish on Zoom with your classmates and teacher, discover new things about the language and learning new vocabulary to use!

Curious about what we did?

Have a look!

Beginner 2. Our students talked about themselves and shared interesting information with their classmates. Terrific!

Elementary 3. The lesson was focused on some natural remedies for specific symptoms: students learnt how to give advice using the Imperative and practised all together!

Intermediate 2. The use of Direct Pronouns with verbs like Gustar was the main topic of this lovely class. Besides, our group worked on the difference between Direct and Indirect Pronouns. A challenging lesson!

Upper Intermediate 1. Our group worked on the Pretérito Imperfecto: they talked about past habits and described past situations. Great!

Upper Intermediate 2. Our class was about the use of Pasados Continúos: students talked about an accident and then tried to complete the interrogatory of the police. It was fun!

Waiting for the next class, why don’t you have a look at our online resources to revise some topics?

And if you want to learn more, don’t forget our video tutorials on our Youtube channel!

See you soon!

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