Have you tried a Spanish online class?

During the last 13 weeks, our students really enjoyed their Spanish online class on Zoom!

The Covid-19 emergency has been a big challenge, but we have never stopped!

Using a platform like Zoom is easy to recreate the classroom atmosphere and do all the activities we have always done.

So our students thoroughly enjoyed it!

And the 13th week is over…how did it go?

The Beginner 3 lesson was about a revision of the main topics studied throughout the course.

For example, students practised the verb gustar and the possessives.

Our Elementary 1 students worked on comparisons through some nice activities.

They learnt how to compare different situations and talked in small groups, really lovely!

In the Elementary 3 class the focus was the Present Continuous and the difference between Present Simple and Continuous.

Students also watched a video and then worked on verbs, it was fun!

The Intermediate 2 lesson was about biographies and past tenses.

Students revised the difference between Pretérito Indefinido and Simple and then talked about their story.

Our Intermediate 3 group also worked on the past: they compared present and past and the world before and after technology.

For example, they thought about the difference between our life before and after the mobile phone.

And now…our spring term is over!

What will come next?

Well…our summer term is starting from the 6th July!

So after only one week break, our students will be ready to start new online courses!