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If you want to improve your language using Spanish online learning resources, you are in the right place!

On top of your classes or private tuition, it’s really important to work on the language and practise as much as possible at home.

As the lockdown is going to last for a while, spending time learning Spanish is a really great idea!

There are many things that you can do to improve your Spanish and consolidate what you learnt during your lessons: listening to a podcast, watching videos, reading a book at the right level…and much more!

So why don’t you learn a new word to use?

You might have heard it hundreds times, but do you know exactly what it means?

Our word of the week is “comida”!

A super common Spanish word that you can use every single day in conversation.

Comida” means “food” and comes from “comer” (to eat), whose origin is the Latin verb “comedere“.

The same word can also mean “meal”.

Food is such an important thing to talk about! This is why “comida” is an essential word to use in order to be able to speak about many enjoyable topics.

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Ready for some examples? Let’s see!

Spanish English
Hace 30 años, la mayor parte de la comida era fresca y se cultivaba en forma local. Thirty years ago, most food was fresh and locally produced.
Me gusta la comida india. I like Indian food.
Papá solo requiere una comida fuerte al final del día. My father only has to have a main meal at the end of the day.


Would you be able to use this new word? It’s not too difficult, try and share your examples with us!

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