Are you looking for Spanish press in London?

As the Spanish speaking community is quite big, you can find good Spanish press in London.

There are a number of newspapers and magazines mostly in Spanish to keep up to date with the latest news and trends.

So you can read about many topics, not only related to the UK but also to Spain and and the Latin American world.

Let’s have a look!

El Ibérico. It’s the most popular online Spanish newspaper in the UK and includes many sections about news, current affairs, culture and much more.

Totally written in Spanish, this newspaper is an important point of reference for all the Spanish and Latin American communities in London and around the UK.

Besides, it’s perfect for all the people who want to read in Spanish and improve their language!

The Olive Press. Launched in 2006, this is the Spain’s expats newspaper, totally written in English.

On top of news, culture, entertainment, business and other sections, it offers regional news of Andalucia, Gibraltar, Costa Blanca and Mallorca.

La Revista. It’s the British Spanish Society’s magazine, published three times every year and distributed around London and in the UK.

Written in English and Spanish, its main aim is promoting the Spanish culture in the UK: the main sections are about art, travel, food, literature and it includes interesting articles about the Spanish community and the best Spanish events in the UK.

La Tundra. Independent magazine distributed around London, La Tundra is published 4 times per year and is focused on cultural topics: art, music, literature, nice interviews to artists.

You can read it in Spanish, however some of the articles are available in English as well in the specific section.

Latino Life. Available in print and online, this magazine is made for all the Spanish, Latin and Portuguese culture lovers.

Food, music, events, interviews about Spain, Latin America and Portugal and their communities in the UK: a very complete overview to keep your roots or to discover the cultures that you love!

And now, you just have to pick the one that you like the most and start reading!

If you are passionate about the Spanish culture, have a look at this section of our blog.

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