Are you passionate about Spanish sayings?

There are lots of funny Spanish sayings to learn and use in everyday conversation, one for every situation! Sayings are intertwined with the culture that’s behind a language, so learning them is really interesting to find out more about a country.

And the nice thing is that there are sayings for any tastes: with colours, parts of the body, cities…and animals! It might sound weird, but many idioms refer to animals in order to express a specific meaning.

Let’s learn some of them!

Estar como una cabra –> “cabra” is a goat, however the phrase means “to be totally mad” and is used with people who are eccentric or…a bit crazy!

Como un elefante en una cacharrería –> literally it means “like an elephant in a crockery shop” and corresponds to the English “like a bull in a China shop”. It’s used for people who are not very delicate or a bit clumsy.

Tener lengua de serpiente –> this idiom (literally “to have the tongue of a snake”) is perfect to describe a person who has a sharp tongue and constantly talks badly about someone.

Ser un lince –> “to be a lynx” is the saying used for very lively and clever people!

Tener más vidas que un gato –> having more lives than a cat refers to very lucky people, for example to someone who gets away with dangerous situations!

Spanish sayings with animals to learn

And now some useful examples to see these expressions in practice!

Spanish English
Isabela se bañó en el río en invierno, ¡está como una cabra! Isabela bathed in the river in winter, she is completely crazy!
Aquí me siento como un elefante en una cacharrería. Here I feel like a bull in a China shop.
Pablo habla mal de los demás, tiene lengua de serpiente. Pablo talks badly about other people, he’s got a sharp tongue.
¡Eres un lince! ¡No has fallado ni una pregunta! You are very smart! You haven’t missed even one question!
Mi hermano tuvo otro accidente, tiene más vidas que un gato. My brother had another accident, he’s got nine lives like a cat.


Do you know any other expression with animals in Spanish?

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