When you look for Spanish tuition in London, Happy Languages offers you a very wide choice!

If you are browsing Spanish tuition in London there are many aspects to consider: above all, the materials used during the lessons.

Each teacher can choose different materials depending on his preferences and the student’s needs.

If you have just started your journey through the Spanish language, one of the textbooks you may use is Aula Internacional 1.

It is quite a popular textbook structured on a communicative approach to the language.

Balancing the skills, this book makes student learn and practise in a fun way, trying to reproduce daily life situations.

Let’s go through its contents!

Unit 1. Students learn how to introduce themselves, ask and give personal informations.

Unit 2. The aim of the unit is learning how to express goals and intentions, start using the Present Tense, the Definite Articles and the Personal Pronouns.

Unit 3. Students learn how to describe places and talk about the weather. Some of the contents are: Indefinite Article, verb Estar, some uses of Hay.

Unit 4. Based on Demonstrative Adjectives, verbs Ir and Preferir. Students learn vocabulary about daily stuff and become able to go shopping.

Unit 5. Introducing and describing a person is the main focus of this unit. Students learn adjectives to talk about personality, vocabulary related to the family, the verb Gustar and the Possessives.

Unit 6. In order to talk about habits, students learn Reflexive Verbs, some irregular verbs, Frequency Adverbs, how to ask and say the time.

Unit 7. Food is the focus of the unit: talking about food habits and preferences is the main goal to reach. Students learn the verbs Poner and Traer and the Direct Object Pronouns.

Unit 8. Students learn how to describe a city and its areas, expressing opinions and tastes and using the correct Adverbs.

Unit 9. If you wish to work in Spain, through this Unit you will learn how to approach a job interview describing your skills and personal features. The main grammar topics are the verbs Saber and Poder and the Pretérito Perfecto.

Great start, don’t you think?

This book will be perfect for your Spanish tuitions in London!