Taking Spanish Tuition in London to improve your language skills?

Choosing Spanish tuition in London is the best way to study the language and progress quickly.

But what if you look for Spanish Tuition in London to practice your conversation skills?

Even though you already study Spanish, sometimes is difficult to find occasions to speak with other people and make new friends…in Spanish!

If you want to add some pure conversation on top of your regular tuitions, at Happy Languages we offer a monthly Spanish Conversation Class.

It is a fantastic chance to meet people with similar interests to yours and have a lovely chat!

How does it work?

Our Spanish Conversation Class takes place every last Saturday of the month from 3pm to 4pm.

The location is our beautiful and cosy office at the Aldgate Tower.

Each class is totally independent from the others and open to any level except Total Beginners.

As long as your level is higher than that, you don’t need to worry about it!

How is the lesson structured?

If you want to speak Spanish, this class is the right one for you.

During the lesson you won’t study grammar or other aspects of the language but just talk!

Every month the class is focused on different topics to stimulate the conversation.

So you will do different speaking activities in couples or small groups.

During the class you will have the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and nice aspects of the Spanish language and culture.

Your teacher will help you and support you as well as encourage you during the activities.

It will be fun!

Don’t wait any longer, reserve your place!

If you want to refresh some Spanish before your class, have a look here.

You can find amazing resources to use!

In addition you can watch some lovely video tutorials on our Youtube Channel.