If you want to take the Spanish DELE B1 certification, taking Spanish tuitions in London is a great choice!

Spanish tuitions in London can be easily arranged and tailored on your needs.

That is why we strongly suggest to choose this option when it comes to preparing a specific exam.

Group courses are definitely useful to reach the required level.

Once you have achieved this goal and you start working on the exam, having one-to-one lessons really helps you focus on the specific exam’s tasks.

Your tutor will support you in order to strengthen your abilities and do the best you can.

Working on past exam’s papers is essential: only going through the exam you can deeply understand the difficulties and best strategies to face it.

What to expect from a DELE B1 exam?

The B1 level is also called “Threshold”: at this level students are quite autonomous and can handle a number of situations using the Spanish language.

They can understand clear texts in standard language related to work, studies and everyday life.

Also, they can interact in Spanish when travelling, talk about experiences, hopes, wishes, express opinions and ideas.

At the same time they can produce texts about topics related to their life or of their interest.

The exam is structured in four sections.

The reading part consists of 5 tasks and lasts 70 minutes.

Then, the listening section includes 5 tasks and lasts 40 minutes.

After that, the writing section consists of 2 tasks to be completed in 60 minutes.

Finally, the speaking test lasts around 15 minutes (plus 15 minutes preparation) for 4 tasks.

There is a lot of work to do!

Even so, individual tuitions work amazingly: paying attention to every part of the exam, the result will be great!

Ready to start your preparation?