Looking for a Spanish tutor in London to prepare your DELE C2 exam?

Planning some lessons with a Spanish tutor in London is definitely the best idea to prepare your DELE C2 exam.

As you probably know, C2 is the highest level of competence in a foreign language.

It is considered as “mastery” and is compared to a native speaker’s competence.

If you have reached this level, you should be able to use the language in any situation and adapt it to any context, with a high degree of fluency and accuracy.

Why choosing a private tutor?

Group courses can definitely help you work on the language and build your confidence in a fun and enjoyable way,

However, when it comes to preparing such a complex exam, a private teacher is the best option.

Depending on your specific difficulties and needs, your tutor will be able to structure your course and support you towards the exam.

Also, practicing past papers will be crucial in order to get familiar with the exam’s structure and find out the best strategies to succeed.

What to expect from the DELE C2 exam?

The exam consists of three sections:

  • Use of the language, oral and written comprehension: 6 tasks, 105 minutes
  • Oral and written comprehension, written production and interaction: 3 tasks, 150 minutes
  • Writing comprehension, oral production and interaction: 3 tasks, 20 minutes (+30 minutes preparation)

It might seem a massive challenge, but if you practise each task and apply the most effective strategies, you will be able to pass the exam with great marks!

Are you ready to start?