If you study Spanish in London at Happy Languages, you use various great materials to progress.

When you study Spanish in London at a A1 and A2 level, one of the texbooks you might use at Happy Languages is called ¡Nos vemos!

The first reason why teachers love it is that is a very enjoyable book.

It balances the four abilities and offers motivating activities to immerse yourself in the language.

Students are encouraged to discover the language rules and are constantly challenged to find out how the language works.

This aspect is very important, either because it is always interesting to go through any topic and because it is good in terms of learning process.

In general, students are pushed to become more and more independent and think about what they learn: there are some sections specifically created for revision and self evaluation.

Another positive side of the book is the importance given to the Spanish and Southamerican cultures: at the end of each Unit, there is a page dedicated to a specific country or cultural event to engage students even more!

Communicating in Spanish is the first goal set by ¡Nos vemos!

At a A1 level, students learn how to introduce themselves, talk about their families, go shopping, order in a bar or restaurant, describe a city, ask and give directions, book a room in a hotel, talk about daily habits and hobbies, describe their house and tell a past experience.

Moving on, at a A2 level some of the most relevant topics are: describing people, being able to talk about illnesses and going to a pharmacy, talking about childhood, environment, media, then making plans and hypothesis, expressing opinions about jobs and job conditions.

If you study Spanish in London, you will love this book!