Why don’t you watch some Spanish movies while you study Spanish in London?

If you study Spanish in London, choosing some good movies to watch in Spanish can be fun!

Even though following a movie in a foreign language is very complicated, subtitles do help a lot.

And if you feel quite confident, you can choose subtitles in Spanish.

Challenging, isn’t it?

So if you are searching a movie, we would suggest to watch one with Antonio Banderas!

He is definitely one the most famous Spanish actors in the world.

Born in Málaga in 1960, he was a football player as a teenager but he broke his foot at the age of 14 and had to stop.

Always passionate about theatre, he started his acting studies at the School of Dramatic Art in Málaga.

In 1982 he made his debut in a movie directed by Pedro Almodóvar, who chose Banderas again in 1987 for Mujeres al borde de un ataque de “nervios” (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown).

We remember him in many roles: in Philadelphia with Tom Hanks, in Assassins with Sylvester Stallone and in the amazing Evita.

After many roles in important movies, his consecration arrived with The Mask of Zorro in 1998.

The role of Zorro was incredibly challenging for Banderas!

Before filming, he trained with the Olympic National fencing to become very good with the sword.

Also, he took a horse-riding course for a month to improve his skills.

Well, it was definitely worth it!

In 1999 Antonio Banderas even directed his first movie, Crazy in Alabama and starred his wife Melanie Griffith.

During his career, he won important awards and was very appreciated by the critics.

After a illness in 2017, he decided to stop working as an actor and totally changed his lifestyle.

Are you curious to watch one of his movies? Choose one and enjoy!

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