Do you want to study Spanish in London before leaving for Tarifa? 

That would be a really good idea to get the most of your holiday: if you study Spanish in London and learn the foundations of the language, your time in Tarifa will be even more enjoyable.

Tarifa is the southernmost town of Spain, where the Straits of Gibraltar is at its narrowest point: from there, you can see the Rif mountains of North Africa which is only 14km away. Such a spectacular view!

The proximity of Africa affects the local culture, food and traditions and makes a unique blend.

What to visit.

Baelo Claudia is a Roman city dated back to the 2nd century b.C.: originally a fishermen village, the city is situated along a beautiful beach not far from Tarifa (22 km) and nowadays it is an important archaeologic site to visit and see a well preserved Roman city, the best in the whole Spain!

In Tarifa don’t miss the magnificent church of San Mateo, built in the 16th century probably on the remains of a mosque, and spend some time at the Castillo de Guzman el Bueno, originally built as a Moorish fortress in the 1st century: if you climb up the ramparts, the view is incredible!

Also, reach the Isla De the Las Palomas (Pidgeons Island), a little island linked to Tarifa by causeway: in the past it was a military base but nowadays is just a beautiful historic site you must visit for an amazing view of Tarifa and its surroundings.

Beaches and nice things to do.

If you are looking for long, white sand beaches, Tarifa can offer you gorgeous ones: Punta Paloma is the most popular, then Playa de Valdevaqueros, perfect if you want to practice kitesurfing, Playa de Los Lances and many more!

Tarifa is popular for wind sports, so you should get the chance to book some extreme activities for some good adrenaline! Surfing, skydiving, canyoning…you will be spoilt for choice!

Once in Tarifa, try the lovely little bars and restaurant serving tasty tapas: if you study Spanish in London at the moment, you will be able to order your meal in Spanish!

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This fantastic place has to be discovered as soon as possible. Are you ready to go?