Suburra is a great Italian TV series to watch!

First Italian TV series broadcasted by Netflix, Suburra: Blood On Rome includes two seasons.

Inspired by the book written by Giancarlo Di Cataldo and Carlo Bonini, it followed a movie also based on the novel.

What is it about?

The story is the intriguing plot of the widespread criminality in Rome and Ostia, a close small city on the coast.

Everything turns around the relationship between Samurai, powerful criminal, the Vatican, some renowned politician and two criminal families from Ostia, Adami and Anacleti.

The story starts from the fight over a land in Ostia, where Samurai wants to build the Touristic Port.

It’s a massive project which involves many different interests and people.

Samurai needs a piece of land owned by the Vatican and another owned by the Adami family, who are in charge of the drug trafficking in Ostia and in competition with the Anacleti family.

This fight makes the corruption of people above any suspicion come to light and reveals a very precarious balance between powers.

The cast is composed by great Italian actors, first of all Alessandro Borghi, who acts the part of Aureliano Adami, then Francesco Acquaroli (Samurai), Claudia Gerini (Sara Monaschi) and many more.

We do recommend to watch it!

And after the first two seasons…ready for the third?

Last April, after the release of the second season, Netflix agreed the production of the third series.

Can’t wait!

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