Italian Elementary A2.1 (15 hours of frontal lessons)

 Week  Contents
Week 1

Revision of A1 level. How to fill in an application form how to enrol for a course; asking and giving personal information.

Talking about ceremony and celebration. The months of the year and the seasons. The use of direct pronouns with passato prossimo. Use of “quello” before the noun.

Week 2

Talking about travel and holidays through Italian regional cultural events.

Comparatives and superlatives. Use of adverb of time with passato prossimo (sempre, ancora, già). How to describe your country and asking information about someone else country.

Ordering at the restaurant; expressing preferences. Vocabulary of Italian dishes and making comparison between Italian typical recipes. Phonetic: sound [kw] and [gw].

Week 3

Talking about past situation. Introduction of imperfect tense. Vocabulary of politics and clothing.

Revision of imperfect and differences between passato prossimo and imperfetto. Giving a physical and personality description of someone and making comparisons. Short introduction of Italian history. Phonetic diphthong.

Week 4

Doing groceries. Use of direct pronouns with imperative tense.

Vocabulary of food and use of “ne” as a partitive pronoun. Describing food and eating habits.

Week 5

Going shopping. Talking about clothes, size, colour, model. Use of prepositions “di” and “a” to describe material and decoration. Indirect pronouns + direct pronouns.