Italian Elementary A2.2 (15 hours of frontal lessons)

 Week  Contents

Week 1


Describing a house. Reading and writing an estate ad; talking about furnitures; expressing doubts, possibilities. Present conditional.

Expressing opinion about renting and buying house. Working on present conditional.

Week 2

Asking and saying How are you. Talking about your health condition; asking and giving information about medicines. Impersonal construction; formal imperative; parts of the body.

Expressing feelings and mood; giving and asking suggestions.

Direct pronouns with formal imperative. Filling words: allora and insomma.

Week 3

Talking about the weather and future actions; impersonal verbs (piovere, nevicare); future tense.

Talking about holidays. Make hypothesis; working on future tense. Vocabulary of holidays and travel.

Week 4

Talking about a past travel and habitual actions in the past. Passato prossimo with modal verbs. Differences between sapere and conoscere. Vocabulary of leisure time and places for holiday.

Talking about consecutive actions in the past and how to put an action in the past. Differences between passato prossimo and imperfetto; adverbs in -mente; filling words però, appena, perchè.

Vocabulary of love.

Week 5

Expressing preferences; expressing opinions, how to find an agreement, making invitations, accepting and refusing invitations. Conjunction “se”; use of adverb “mica”; uses of the personal pronoun after the verb.

Revision. Talking about books, music and movies. Indefinite adjectives: qualche, qualcuno, qualcosa, nessuno. Relative pronoun “cui”.