During this course you will start introducing the first Past tense, so you will practise talking about past events and holidays. Then you will talk about the weather and about your purchases, simulating the situation of a grocery shop. You will express you opinion about items, typical products, recipes and compare food habits.

In addition, you will learn how to describe your typical day and talk about festivities.


The Passato Prossimo is one of the most important grammar topics in this course: you will focus on regular and irregular verbs to learn how to form the past.

Then you will study the Superlativo Assoluto of adjectives, the double negative form, the use of partitives and the direct object pronouns. Moving on, you will find the impersonal structure, reflexive verbs and adverbs of frequency.


The first important chunk of vocabulary will be about holidays and seasons. Then you will expand your vocabulary about products, food, ingredients, shops, quantities. After that, you will work on daily activities, routine, time expressions, festivities and wishes.