Italian Intermediate 2 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


You will learn how to manage some common topics and communicative situations: describing objects, making suppositions, expressing emotions, blaming someone, making comparisons. Then you will learn how to offer help, report an error, report someone’s speech, talk about a book, give suggestions and express your interest for something.


The main grammar topics will be the Congiuntivo Passato, some conjunctions to use with Congiuntivo, the Congiuntivo Imperfetto, come se+Congiuntivo.

The you will move to the indirect speech and its rules, with a focus on the use of andare and venire. In addition, you will study the passive voice with essere and venire and the Passato Remoto.


Some of the topics you will go through are the made in Italy, the vocabulary to describe objects, shapes and materials, and stereotypes about Italians. Then you will improve your vocabulary about media, books and book-crossing.