Italian Upper Intermediate B2.2 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


During the course you will learn how to mitigate the tone of a conversation and express total disagreement. Also, you will make suppositions about the past, talk about school memories, express regret and criticise an opinion.

In addition you will talk about food and tastes, describe a dish and a procedure.


Among the grammar topics that you will study, some of the most important are the passive voice with andare, the Congiuntivo Trapassato, the Periodo Ipotetico del Terzo Tipo. Then you will focus on verbs with double auxiliary in the Passato Prossimo, some pronominal verbs, some indefinites, the Congiuntivo with indefinites and the Si passivante.


You will start learning vocabulary about language learning and linguistic mistakes, then you will talk about school, past habits, personality, food and food habits, kitchen tools and ingredients.