Spanish Beginner 2 (15 hours of frontal lessons)


The course will help you identify objects and express needs. Also, you will learn how to do shopping, asking for products and prices and expressing preferences. You will also talk about appearance and personality, discuss tastes and interests, talk about relationships and habits. On top of that you will work on expression frequency and asking and saying the time.


Some important topics that you will study are demonstratives, el/la/los/las + adjective, qué + noun, cuál/cuáles, tener que + infinitive. You will learn verbs ir, preferir, gustar, poner, and traer.

Besides, you will study some quantifiers, the possessives, the use of también/tampoco, the present tense of some irregular verbs and the direct object pronouns.


You will go through numbers up to 100, colours, clothing, everyday objects, family, personality adjectives, music, days of the week, parts of the day and daily activities.