Spanish Elementary 2 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


You will learn how to manage invitations and greetings, ask for favours, ask and give permissions. All these things are important in a huge number of communicative situations. Then you will talk about leisure activities, past experiences, intentions and projects, tastes and food habits and explain how to prepare a dish.


The main grammar topics are Gerundio, estar + Gerundio, Conditional, Pretérito Perfecto, ir a + Infinitive, querer/pensar + Infinitive. Then you will study Direct Object Pronouns, impersonal forms with se, some uses of ser and estar.


You will learn greetings, leisure activities, places in a city, things to do in a city, food, recipes, special diets, units of measurements.

Please Note:

At the beginning of each lesson we review, practice and consolidate previous knowledge.

This syllabus is illustrative. Depending on the group´s dynamic this content could be reduced or extended.