Spanish Elementary 3 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


  • talk about experiences and assess them
  • evaluate people and things
  • express the desire to do something
  • give advice
  • talk about mood
  • describe symptoms
  • talk about illnesses
  • talk about past habits and customs
  • argue and debate


  • Pretérito Perfecto and Pretérito Indefinido
  • me/te/le/nos/vos/os/les gustaría + infinitive
  • uses of ser and estar
  • verb doler
  • positive imperative
  • Pretérito Imperfecto
  • present and past time expressions


  • parecer
  • caer bien/mal
  • pasárselo bien/mal
  • places of interest and cultural offer
  • parts of the body
  • moods
  • illnesses and symptoms
  • journeys
  • historical periods
  • life stages


Please Note:

At the beginning of each lesson we review, practice and consolidate previous knowledge.

This syllabus is illustrative. Depending on the group’s dynamic this content could be reduced or extended.