Spanish Intermediate 1 (15 hours of frontal lesson)


You will talk about the past and learn how to put actions in sequence. Also, you will talk about present habits and about the start and duration of an action.

Moreover, you will start using the future, talking about future plans and making hypothesis about the future.


During the course you will learn some irregular forms of Pretérito Indefinido and focus on the difference between Pretérito Indefinido and Imperfecto.

Besides, you will study past forms of the construction estar+gerundio and the difference between Pretérito Perfecto and Pretérito Indefinido. Also, an important topic is the use of desde/desde que/desde hace. Last but not least, the Futuro and some specific uses of Futuro Imperfecto.


You will expand your vocabulary about historical events, emotions, jobs, problems in the world, cities, numerology and predictions about the future.