spanish gin

The Spanish Concept of Gin: Gin Mare

Are you a Gin lover? Well, you have probably already come across this excellent Spanish gin: Gin Mare. If not, you have to discover this new concept of Gin perfectly contained in its name. “Mare” means “sea” and makes us think of the Mare Nostrum, the ancient Roman name of the Mediterranean Sea, which connects […]

italian wines

Discover Italian Wines

Wine, especially in Italy, is the poetry of the Earth. (Mario Soldati) There are no better words to express the importance of wine in the Italian culture. A combination of geographical, geological and climatic factors makes the land between the Adige and the island of Pantelleria the perfect place for the production of high quality wine. […]

royal drinks

The Royal Drinks

Have you ever heard about the Italian royal drinks? There are amazing royal drinks to try: would you prefer Negroni, Negroni Sbagliato or Negrosky? There is a great variety of alternatives for an aperitivo with an Italian’s signature. “On May 25th 1868 the Count Camillo Negroni was born in Fiesole. Member of a noble and […]

cocktail americano


Carosone sang: “Tu vuo’ fa l’Americano, mmericano, mmericano! Ma si nato in Italy!” So it happened to one of the most popular Italian aperitifs, the Americano cocktail, that contains very few stars and stripes!! Why one of the most famous Italian’s cocktail has a tricky name like “Americano“? Probably because was named in honour of […]