how to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2022 in London

Let’s Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2022 In London

How are you going to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2022 in London? This year St Patrick’s Day 2022 in London will be amazing: a lot of events to join and so much fun! If you are not familiar with this important festivity have a look at this article to read more about it. You will […]

Halloween 2020 London

How To Celebrate Halloween 2020 In London

What are you up to for Halloween 2020 in London? Halloween 2020 in London will be different from any other: the Covid-19 emergency imposes rules to stay safe and protect others. However, it’s still possible to celebrate respecting all the safety measures in place. This means that you can attend the events only with people […]

summer 2020 online events

Summer 2020: Enjoy Some Amazing Online Events

Ready for summer 2020 online events? Amazing summer 2020 online events will keep you busy despite the Covid-19 crisis all around the world. Many summer events have been cancelled as they can’t guarantee social distancing and safety measures. However, there is a wide variety of events to enjoy online this summer! Depending on your tastes […]

Halloween 2019 London

Let’s Celebrate Halloween 2019 In London

Are you spending Halloween 2019 in London? If you are curious to know what to do for Halloween 2019 in London, you will be happy to know that there are many spooky places and events! Discover the most haunted places to visit! It you like feeling a shiver that runs up your spine, there are […]

Peppe Voltarelli

A night with Peppe Voltarelli at Happy Languages

On April 6th, at the Aldgate Tower, in the City of London, Happy Languages hosted the concert of Peppe Voltarelli, a famous Italian songwriter from Calabria. It has been an exciting evening where music, interviews and stories found their right place and time. The lovely atmosphere of the Aldgate Tower where the language school Happy Languages has its […]