have a look at the best tips to learn a language

Best Tips To Learn A Language From Scratch

Let’s talk about the best tips to learn a language from scratch! If you are starting from scratch, it’s important to have a look at the best tips to learn a language: useful advice that will make your learning life easier and fun! Making the right choices is essential if you want to keep your […]

some reasons why learn a foreign language is important

Why Learn A Foreign Language

Why learn a foreign language? There are many different answers to this question: if you are wondering why learn a foreign language you will find many reasons to start a language journey, all equally important. Everyone has a specific motivation to start studying a foreign language, which can be related to personal or work life. […]

top 5 languages to find a job in uk

Top 5 Languages to Find A Job In UK

Curious to know about the top 5 languages to find a job in UK? If you want to start learning another language, being aware of the top 5 languages to find a job in UK can be a plus. Language skills are getting more and more important, so nowadays people who can speak more languages […]

Boost your career finance

Boost Your Career In Finance Learning A Second Language

What might you boost your career in finance? Nowadays a lot of professionals wonder how to boost their career in finance and may come up with different options. Further training, specialising in a specific area of expertise, make relevant work experiences… But what would really make a difference is something you might not have considered: […]

what is the difference between change and chance

Difference between Change and Chance

Have you ever realised how little the difference between change and chance in English? The difference between change and chance doesn’t exist in Chinese, as a single word, -WEIJI-, mean both “crisis” and “opportunity”. Italian, Spanish and French use two different words. In Italian crisi and cambiamento; in Spanish crisis and cambio; in French crise […]

what a bad lesson means

How Can I Know If a Lesson Was a Bad Lesson?

What makes a lesson a bad lesson? A few days ago a teacher asked on a forum how do we know if a lesson is a good or a bad lesson. That’s the typical question we ask each other at the end of the day when we compare our lesson’s content, the material we used, […]

why choosing a native language teacher

Should I Choose a Native Language Teacher?

Would you choose a native language teacher? Native language teachers can be chosen for a number of reasons, but for other reasons some students might prefer not to have a native as a teacher. Language teachers can be divided into two main groups, regardless of the language they teach: the group of native speakers and […]