Veganuary: A Vegan-Friendly January

Do you want to detox after Christmas going for Veganuary? Veganuary is a very popular trend: a month of vegan diet, totally free from meat and dairy products. After all the food and drinks excesses, a plant-based diet is the perfect way to go back on track with an healthy lifestyle. And if you think […]

renewable energy

The Spanish Challenge of Renewable Energy

All the world is paying a lot of attention to renewable energy. When it comes to turn to renewable energy, Spain is definitely a country that is taking the risk. Following an ambitious plan, Spain is trying to switch the whole electricity system to renewable sources by 2050. This intention makes absolutely clear how serious […]

spanish vegan food

Spain Goes Vegan: The New Spanish Food Trend

Have you ever had Spanish vegan food? Spanish vegan food might seem something unrealistic since Spain has always been one of the biggest meat consumers in Europe. Although a recent trend, vegetarianism and veganism in Spain are on the rise. It means that a good number of people avoid eating meat for many different reasons, […]

green city

A Green City: Sevilla

Have you ever thought about what a green city is? Well, a green city is normally a modern one, where the environment is extremely respected. It means that the government cares about it and tries to find all the best solutions to keep the city green and fight against pollution. Nowadays this is an important […]