how to spend Halloween 2021 in London

How To Spend Halloween 2021 In London

Ready for Halloween 2021 in London? If you are wondering how to celebrate Halloween 2021, you will find many fantastic events around London. First of all, you can visit the spectacular Halloween Pumpkin Market in Covent Garden, where you can find amazing floral decorations to make your place really perfect! And then you just need […]

Halloween 2020 London

How To Celebrate Halloween 2020 In London

What are you up to for Halloween 2020 in London? Halloween 2020 in London will be different from any other: the Covid-19 emergency imposes rules to stay safe and protect others. However, it’s still possible to celebrate respecting all the safety measures in place. This means that you can attend the events only with people […]

Halloween 2019 London

Let’s Celebrate Halloween 2019 In London

Are you spending Halloween 2019 in London? If you are curious to know what to do for Halloween 2019 in London, you will be happy to know that there are many spooky places and events! Discover the most haunted places to visit! It you like feeling a shiver that runs up your spine, there are […]