Spanish evening classes

Get Ready For Your DELE B2 Exam

How can Spanish evening classes help you prepare your DELE B2 exam? Even if not specific, your general Spanish evening classes are essential to get ready for a certification exam. When you have such a big language goal, the first step is reaching the right level to pass the exam. Many students approach a language […]

Spanish language classes in London

Let’s Take A Spanish Language Certificate: DELE A1

Looking for Spanish language classes in London to prepare your DELE A1 Exam? We offer individual Spanish language classes in London for exam’s preparation. Nowadays gaining a language certification is a plus. It can be useful for your career or as a personal goal to achieve: either way it is worth studying towards an exam […]

Spanish evening classes

Take Spanish Intermediate 3 Classes From January

Do you enjoy taking Spanish evening classes? At Happy Languages we are about to restart our Spanish evening classes at all levels from the end of January. You can choose the right course having a look at the contents and taking into consideration the amount of hours you have already attended. However, if you don’t […]

Long term Spanish classes in London

Let’s Start Learning Spanish From January

Do you want to take long term Spanish classes in London from January? After the Christmas break, long term Spanish classes in London will restart from the last week of January. If you are looking for a Beginner course to start from scratch, our Beginner 1 will start from the 28th January. Being a long […]

Spanish courses in London by experts

Spanish GCSE: Start Your Preparation

Preparing the GCSE and searching Spanish courses in London by experts? At Happy Languages we do offer one-to-one Spanish courses in London by experts for GCSE preparation. The GCSE exam consists of 3 papers and covers all four language skills. It means that candidates have to be trained for listening, reading, writing and speaking tasks. Let’s […]

Spanish classes with less fees

Discover Our Deals: Mesón Callejón

Looking for Spanish classes with less fees? Spanish classes with less fees are not only a dream. At Happy Languages we always try to make our students save money! Do you know all the advantages of the Happy Languages Member Card? Well, it is really great! All our students get their Member Card and can use […]

Spanish classes with minimum fee

My Happy Gadget Contest – Spanish

Looking for Spanish classes with minimum fee? At Happy Languages Spanish classes with minimum fee are the reality. On top of our competitive prices for group and one-to-one lessons, we have a new amazing contest for you! We always try to make you feel part of the family! This time we really wanted to give […]

best spanish classes in london

Best Spanish Classes in London From April

Looking for the best Spanish classes in London from April? The best Spanish classes in London are at Happy Languages! We have new courses starting from the 1st April that might be perfect to fit your schedule. We offer evening courses from 7pm to 8.30pm held at the Aldgate Tower, just outside Aldgate East tube […]

spanish idiom

What Se Me Hace Agua La Boca Means In Spanish

“Se me hace agua la boca” is a useful Spanish Idiom to know! Do you know what “Se me hace agua la boca” means? Considering how delicious the Spanish food is, you must have heard someone saying that. And next time you will have some lovely tapas in front of you, it will be the […]

ser and estar

Spanish Video Tutorial: Difference Between Ser And Estar

Choosing between Ser and Estar in Spanish might be tricky. Whilst in English we use only the verb “to be“, in Spanish it can be translated with Ser or Estar depending on the use. But don’t worry too much, it’s just a matter of practice! That is why we thought that this nice video tutorial […]