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Italian Online Language Meet Up – 8th August 3.00pm-5.00pm

Looking for an Italian Online Language Meet Up? Register for our Italian Online Language Meet Up on Saturday 8th August from 3pm to 5pm (UK time)! Having the opportunity to speak the language you are learning is always a bit difficult. That’s why this is a perfect chance to practice your Italian, meet lovely people […]

italian expressions

Cities in The Italian Expressions

Do you enjoy some colorful Italian expressions? Italians are very proud of the city they are from and sometimes they joke at other cities using some typical Italian expressions. For example, people from Genova are considered stingy or people from Milan snobbish. There are also expressions used in the everyday language that refer to different cities and have a specific […]

Eyes In The Italian Expressions

Among the parts of the body, eyes are the ones which probably play the most important role. In fact they are the instrument of our sight, but they are also connected with knowledge: that is why in ancient Greek the past tense of the verb to see means “I saw”, but also “I know” (I know […]

italian coffee meet up

Italian Coffee Meet Up

Would you fancy Italian coffee? Are you happy just surrounded by people? If so, join us Saturday 21st of September at 3.00 pm to enjoy an authentic coffee and have a chat in Italian Talk it! Live it! Fazenda Cafè Leyden St E1 7LE London