a chat with Veronica Raimo

Live Streaming: A Chat With Veronica Raimo – 1st April 7pm (Italy time)

Follow our live streaming with Veronica Raimo on the 1st April at 7pm (Italy time)! Veronica Raimo is an interesting Italian author who recently published her last work, “Niente di vero”, included in the 74 books submitted for the Premio Strega, the most important Italian book prize. If you read her books since the first […]

a chat with Ilaria Gaspari

Live Streaming: A Chat With Ilaria Gaspari – 11th February 7pm (Italy time)

Don’t miss our live streaming with Ilaria Gaspari on the 11th February at 7pm (Italy time)! Ilaria Gaspari is a popular Italian author with a very peculiar background: she graduated in Philosophy and gained a PhD at Sorbonne University in Paris. This academic path led her to a very different career though. After her PhD, […]

a chat with Matteo Cavezzali

Live Streaming: A Chat With Matteo Cavezzali – 4th February 7pm (Italy time)

Follow our live chat with Matteo Cavezzali on the 4th February at 7pm (Italy time)! Matteo Cavezzali is an Italian author who already won two important book prizes in 2019 with his first book (Premio Comisso e il Premio Volponi Opera Prima/Premio Stefano Tassinari). His peculiar interest for unique personalities led him to deepen his […]

our deal with the Italian Bookshop in London

Discover Our Lovely Deal With The Italian Bookshop

Have you ever been to the Italian Bookshop in London? If you are a language lover, you have probably been to the Italian Bookshop many times: a cosy little bookshop in Gloucester Road where you can find a great selection of Italian books. Located in the European Bookshop, you will find it as part of […]

A chat with Paolo Malaguti

Live Streaming: A Chat With Paolo Malaguti – 5th November 5pm (Italy time)

Don’t miss our live streaming event with Paolo Malaguti on the 5th November at 5 pm (Italy time)! Paolo Malaguti is a distinguished Italian author who was finalist in a very important Italian literary award, the Premio Campiello 2021, with his novel Se l’acqua ride (literally “If water laughs”). Born in Veneto, a North-Eastern Italian region, […]

discover amazing books in Italian

Discover 5 Fantastic Books To Read In Italian

Looking for great books in Italian to read? If you are an advanced Italian learner and love reading, it’s important to find some lovely books in Italian to read in your free time. Reading in Italian is not easy, however, if you are proficient in Italian it’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and […]

Italian Tuition

A New Great Italian Textbook: In Alto!

Looking for a new book for your Italian tuition? In Alto! is a new textbook published by Ornimi Editions to use for your A1 Italian tuition. Ornimi Editions is a Greek publishing house which boasts a high skilled staff, very specialised in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Their aim is creating innovative and modern […]

italian lessons for beginners

Italian Lessons for Beginners: Great Materials to Use

Have you started your Italian lessons for Beginners? If you take Italian lessons for Beginners, the materials you use are very important. When you approach a new language there are some normal difficulties you go through. A different grammatical system, a huge vocabulary to learn, a totally new culture you need to know… That is […]

learn italian

Top Ten Books to Learn Italian

No matter whom you ask, if your question is “what’s the best way to learn a language?” you will probably receive always the same answer: “go to the country you are interested in and live with native speakers”. Do you agree? Well, the company of natives is very important to learn both language and culture. […]