Pastiera Napoletana

Make A Fantastic Italian Easter Cake: Pastiera Napoletana

The Pastiera Napoletana is the perfect Italian Easter cake! Coming from Napoli, the Pastiera Napoletana is a traditional cake you might have tasted during the Easter period. A well balanced cake made with a crumbly shortcrust pastry and a soft flavourful filling…really delicious! If you want to surprise your family this Easter, you can definitely […]

italian language course

Discover Some Italian Easter Vocabulary

Have you found some Easter vocabulary during your Italian language course? Easter is one of the main topics in these days, so you might have already studied some related words in your Italian language course. However, there is a nice Easter vocabulary to discover: so many typical Easter traditions, customs and food to learn! In Italy […]

discover tigella from Emilia Romagna

Tigella: A Traditional Italian Food

Do you like tigella as much as we do? If you have ever been to Emilia Romagna, in the North of Italy, you must have tried the famous tigella. The tigella is a small, round type of bread (10-12cm diameter, 1cm thickness) which comes from the area between Modena and Bologna. If you travel in that […]

italian restaurants delivery

Best Italian Restaurants For Delivery In London

What are the best Italian restaurants for delivery in London? Discovering some Italian restaurants for delivery is a good idea to face the new lockdown. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, many restaurants in London have launched or strengthen their delivery service. So during thislockdown you will have the chance to eat delicious specialities […]

Italian deli East London

Discover Our Top 5 Italian Deli In East London

Do you know some good Italian deli in East London? There are many Italian deli in East London selling the best Italian products you may be looking for. If you want to cook something special or just want to do your weekly shopping, finding Italian food brands and delicious ingredients won’t be difficult! Over the […]

Italian fruit and veg london

Italian Fruit And Veg To Your Door In London

Would you like to get your Italian fruit and veg in London delivered to your door? If you are looking for Italian fruit and veg in London, there are many amazing options to book your delivery. Instead of buying tasteless products in supermarkets, you can get fresh, colorful and healthy products to enjoy. It’s never […]

Peperoni ripieni

Peperoni Ripieni: A Lovely Italian Recipe

The Italian Peperoni Ripieni are a lovely dish to make at home! If you have tried Peperoni Ripieni (stuffed peppers) in Italy you might have noticed that there are different versions of this traditional recipe. This is not surprising: almost every Italian recipe has many possible variations that depend on the area or even on […]

pasta patate e provola

Learn How To Make Pasta Patate e Provola

Have you ever had Pasta patate e provola in Italy? Pasta patate e provola is a mouthwatering Italian traditional dish! To be precise, it comes from the Neapolitan cuisine and is a typical comfort food. A creamy and tasty dish that you can prepare at home, perfect for the winter. Let’s see what you need […]

parmigiana di melanzane

How To Make Parmigiana Di Melanzane

In love with the Parmigiana di Melanzane? The Parmigiana di Melanzane is a traditional and renowned Italian dish. As it is a must in many Italian regions, there are some slightly different versions. But where is the Parmigiana from? Even though there is a dispute between Sicily, Napoli and Parma, it seems that the Parmigiana […]

Italian course in less amount

Let’s try Emilia’s Crafted Pasta: A New Great Deal

An Italian course in less amount is something everyone would like to find! If you are looking for an Italian course in less amount, you will be happy to hear about our amazing deals. When you start studying at Happy Languages you get your personal Member Card. It is a card that you can use […]