Italian idiomatic expression

What Il Lupo Perde Il Pelo Ma Non Il Vizio Means In Italian

How many times have you heard “Il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio”? If you have Italian friends or family, you must have heard “Il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio” quite often! As many others popular idioms, this is a very common expression in the everyday language. Italians love using […]

Italian B1 Level For Citizenship

How To Take The Italian B1 Level For Citizenship

Why is it necessary to take the Italian B1 level for citizenship? As you may have heard, due to the recent amendments to the Italian law it is now compulsory to take the Italian B1 level for citizenship. This new law states that all those who apply for the Italian citizenship, either if they are […]

Italian cinema

Italian Cinema: A Great Movie

Watching some good Italian Cinema is always a good idea. Watching a movie in Italian is a great way to improve your language skills and learn more about the Italian culture and society. For all those who love the Italian Cinema, you can enjoy some great movies at Cinema Italia UK. They offer two screenings per […]

italian pronunciation

Video Tutorial: Italian Pronunciation

Are you struggling with the Italian pronunciation? If you have just started learning Italian, the Italian pronunciation might be difficult. But, if you learn some little tricks, your pronunciation will improve quickly. You will see that the Italian pronunciation is not that complex if you follow some basic rules! In this lovely video tutorial, you […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Fare Il Chilo Means In Italian

Do you know the Italian expression “fare il chilo”? “Fare il chilo” is one of the fantastic idioms we use in Italian. Normally it’s not possible to find a better way to express an idea than using an idiom. Idioms are just perfect when we want to sum up something complex with a few words […]

Learn Italian Language

New Italian Elementary Evening Courses From January

Shall you learn the Italian language at an Elementary level? If you have just completed the Beginner level yes, you can move on and learn the Italian language at a higher level. The Elementary level is normally called A2 in the CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference for languages). As it is a challenging level […]

italian lessons for beginners

Italian Lessons For Beginners: Studying in South West London

Do you want to take your Italian lessons for Beginners in your area? If you don’t have time to travel and prefer to have Italian lessons for Beginners at your home, office or in a cosy public place, our teachers will be happy to come wherever you want! We understand that sometimes is hard to […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Avere Le Braccine Corte Means In Italian

What do we mean with the Italian idiom “Avere le braccine corte”? This is a funny Italian idiom we do use a lot, but its meaning is not straightforward. As you know, idioms are a fascinating world to explore and help us express ourselves better. But, in order to use them right, we need to […]

Italian Articles

Video Tutorial: Italian Articles

Are you struggling with Italian Articles? Don’t worry, Italian Articles are a topic you need to digest before feeling confident with it. If you just studied them, you probably realised that in Italian there are far more articles than in English. Also, there are languages that don’t have articles at all! That is why you […]

Learn Italian Language

Italian Conversation Class Christmas Edition 8th December 2018

Looking for a cool class to learn the Italian language? If you want to learn the Italian language taking part in a great class, you can’t miss our FREE Conversation Class Christmas Edition on the 8th December. As you probably know, Christmas in Italy is a very important festivity. Families gather around a beautifully set table […]