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Learn Italian: Discover Our Elementary 2 Course

Curious to learn the Italian language? Nowadays many people want to learn the Italian language for different reasons. Some need to talk to their partner’s family, or are interested in the culture and travel very often, or want to move to Italy soon. Whatever the reason is, if you have attended around 60 hours lesson […]

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Italian Elementary Course: Structure and Contents

Looking for an Italian  language course but you are not sure about the level? If you are trying to find the right Italian language course in London but you are a bit confused, consider that if you have studied for around 75 hours the Elementary level should be perfect! This course corresponds to the start […]

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Learning Italian in London: Italian Beginner 3 Course

Learning Italian in London has never been so fun! Have you been learning Italian in London for a while? Combining amazing teachers, lovely materials and enjoyable activities, our courses are a happy time to spend together after a long day at work. If you have already attended around 30 hours of Italian, your next step […]

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Video Tutorial: Weekdays, Months and Seasons in Italian

Can you use names of weekdays, months and seasons in Italian? At the beginning of your journey in the Italian languages, weekdays, months and seasons are one of the first useful things to learn. Either if you want just to say the date of an appointment, having a basic conversation or make a booking in […]


A New Food Experience: Discover The Best Sagre in Italy

Do you know what the Italian sagre are? If you love Italian food and wines and are keen to try a new tasting experience, the sagre will amaze you: traditional food festivals based on a specific product or recipe to enjoy. So how do they work? Originally, the sagre were related to a religious celebration […]

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Italian Beginner 2 Course: Structure and Contents

Browsing the Italian Beginners Language Courses in London? If you have already studied the basics and want to pick the perfect one among the choice of Beginners Language Courses in London, have a look at our Beginner 2 Course! Who is it perfect for? This course is the natural continuation of a Total Beginner Course, […]

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Why Taking Individual Italian Classes?

Are you wondering if taking Individual Italian Classes in London is worth? First of all, choosing Individual Italian Classes in London sort out quite a big problem: London is a chaotic city and the idea of reaching the opposite side of the city for a language course might let you down. Learning Italian in London […]


Happy Languages Backstage

A backstage always gives you the best idea of what lies behind the scenes. In this case, Happy Languages Backstage discloses the original idea and the way it shaped up with the precious help of some amazing professionals. It was just the beginning! Starting from his background and skills, the founder Paolo La Gamma accepted […]

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What Sbarcare Il Lunario Means In Italian

Are you taking individual Italian classes in London and coming across lovely Italian idioms? Well, I bet your individual Italian classes in London are just amazing: going through the Italian language and culture exposes you to several expressions used in the everyday language. In Italy people love Idiomatic expressions: they summarize meanings that you can’t […]

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Discover Our Italian Intensive One-To-One Classes

If your goal is learning Italian London offers an amazing range of courses and solutions. If you are dreaming of learning Italian London is the place! But what if you need to focus on your Italian in one week just before leaving for Italy? Our intensive lessons are the perfect choice for you: blocks of […]