Italian idiomatic expression

What Tutto Fa Brodo Means In Italian

In Italy, if you get a little discount, you can definitely use the Italian idiomatic expression “Tutto fa brodo!“. If you translate it literally it means “everything makes broth” but obviously isn’t a cooking reference: its meaning is similar to “it’s all grist to the mill“, so it is a nice idiom to say that […]

reading skills in Italian

Top Resources to Improve Your Reading Skills in Italian

Are you trying to improve your reading skills in Italian? If you want to work on your reading skills in Italian you will be spoilt for choice! There is a huge amount of amazing resources you can easily find online, have a look at the most useful. Short stories are probably the easiest way to […]

listening skills

Top Resources to Improve Your Listening Skills in Italian

Are you wondering how to improve your listening skills in Italian? Well, nowadays there are amazing resources to develop your listening skills. Let’s have a look at some useful tools and how to use them in an effective way! Podcasts. Have you ever listened to nice podcasts on the way to work? They are a […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Avere La Coda Di Paglia Means in Italian

If you committed something wrong or a little transgression and fear that someone uncovers it, in Italian we would use a popular idiomatic expression and say that “hai la coda di paglia“! Avere la coda di paglia is an Italian way to say used when someone has a guilty conscience, but in a friendly way. […]

cils exam

CILS Exam C1 and C2 – Getting Ready for the Speaking Section

The CILS certification released by the University for Foreigners of Siena is definitely one of the most valued in the world. See more about the exam here. The CILS exam C1 and C2 are the most challenging levels to take and they require a structured preparation. Probably you agree with me if I say that […]

cils exam

The Grammar Section in CILS C1 and C2: Tips to Succeed

Are you going through the CILS Exam C1 or C2? These are the highest levels of the certification released by the University of Siena according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Have a look at the general exam structure here. Now we are going to see what the Grammar Section of […]

cils exam

CILS Exam C1 and C2 – How to Train for the Reading Section

The CILS Exam is perfect to attest your Italian level of competence and get a language certification valid worldwide. Read more about its structure here. In the CILS C1 and C2 exam, the Reading Section has specific features. Let’s have a look! Both levels include 3 reading activities: In the first activity candidates have to […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Fare i Conti Senza L’Oste Means in Italian

When someone makes a decision or acts without considering possible problems and consenquences, in Italian we can say that “ha fatto i conti senza l’oste” (he reckoned without his host) using a famous Italian idiomatic expression. The oste is the owner of an osteria, a typical Italian inn where people can drink a good glass […]

cils exam

CILS Exam C1 and C2 – Listening Section

The CILS Exam is structured in order to test the Italian language level of competence and is internationally recognised. You can read more about it here. In the CILS Exam C1 and C2 candidates have to face a complex test. Let’s start focusing on the Listening Section! In C1 and C2 this part lasts around […]