italian expressions

Contradictions In The Italian Expressions

Do you enjoy learning Italian expressions? Italian expressions come from the popular wisdom. Just these combinations of a few words can sum up whole stories, legends and centuries of folk belief. That is why they are so important, as heritage of our own culture, and that is why they are so popular and used so […]

italian expressions

Cities in The Italian Expressions

Do you enjoy some colorful Italian expressions? Italians are very proud of the city they are from and sometimes they joke at other cities using some typical Italian expressions. For example, people from Genova are considered stingy or people from Milan snobbish. There are also expressions used in the everyday language that refer to different cities and have a specific […]

mercato metropolitano

Mercato Metropolitano

Are you an Italian food lover? Do you want to know more about Italian products? So the Mercato Metropolitano is definitely worth a visit! The Mercato Metropolitano was born in Italy from an idea of the entrepreneur Andrea Rasca: it opened in Milan near Porta Genova in May 2015 during the Expo and it remained open for 6 months. […]

Eyes In The Italian Expressions

Among the parts of the body, eyes are the ones which probably play the most important role. In fact they are the instrument of our sight, but they are also connected with knowledge: that is why in ancient Greek the past tense of the verb to see means “I saw”, but also “I know” (I know […]

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Italian Expressions with Parts of the Body

Languages can be very different, but there are some common elements that show how similar people are, in spite of the differences between their languages. Idioms, for instance, are one of these common elements. Every language has idioms and, above all, every language has idioms about parts of the body; also, some of them are used in […]

Spanish Language

Spanish And Italian Languages

The Italian and Spanish languages have a lot of similarities because of their common origin; they both come from Latin so they share most of the grammar structures, verbs, syntax and nouns. It’s easy to think that if you are able to speak Italian, learning Spanish is quick and easy; of course it is, but […]

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How many times a day do we use idiomatic expressions while talking? It’s very common to use them since they are quite colourful and help us to be better understood. We use them to express a thought, briefly but vividly. Every language has its own idiomatic expressions according to the characteristics and the habits of […]

some common stereotypes about italians

Stereotypes about Italians

What are the most common stereotypes about Italians? When we think of stereotypes about Italians, there are some very common things that come to our mind: spaghetti, gesture, musical accent, fashion and many more. Let’s see what is true and what is false. Ready? Italians cannot live without pasta and they eat it everyday. ABSOLUTELY […]