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Which Type Of Italian Lessons Works For You?

Not sure about what type of Italian courses to take? Italian courses have to be chosen carefully. For example, it is important to choose between group courses and one-to-one lessons. Depending on your needs and preferences, you should think about which option would be best for you. What are the main differences? Group courses take […]

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Travel Classes: Why Learning Italian In Italy

Have you considered spending some time in Italy to learn the Italian language? If you want to learn the Italian language, a trip to Italy is always ideal! There are a number of great options to enjoy some time in one of your favourite places in Italy while studying the language. Most schools in Italy […]

pasta patate e provola

Learn How To Make Pasta Patate e Provola

Have you ever had Pasta patate e provola in Italy? Pasta patate e provola is a mouthwatering Italian traditional dish! To be precise, it comes from the Neapolitan cuisine and is a typical comfort food. A creamy and tasty dish that you can prepare at home, perfect for the winter. Let’s see what you need […]

Formal and Informal Imperative

Italian Video Tutorial: Formal and Informal Imperative

Have you studied Formal and Informal Imperative in Italian? Formal and Informal Imperative are very important grammar topics to learn. As the context where the conversation takes place might be very different, in Italian we need to use a different level of formality. That is why the same tense has two different forms: formal and […]

Valle d'Aosta

Discover Valle d’Aosta

Have you heard about Valle d’Aosta? Valle d’Aosta is the most North-Western Italian region and the smallest in Italy. Popular for its mountains, it is a surprising area where you can spend an amazing time in any season. Perfect if you like skiing, is also amazing in summer, when you can enjoy its incredible nature. […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Tirare Acqua Al Proprio Mulino Means In Italian

Tirare acqua al proprio mulino is an amazing Italian idiom to learn! If you heard someone using the expression “tirare acqua al proprio mulino“, understanding its meaning might have been a real challenge. Sometimes idioms are very figurative and translations don’t help much. Even though they are a complex part of the language, at Happy […]

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Enrol In Our Italian Intermediate 1 Course From January

Our evening Italian courses in London are restarting from the 27th January! If you would like to browse some evening Italian courses in London, at Happy Languages you will be spoilt for choice. We offer a wide range of courses so that you can go through the contents and choose the best option. Normally we […]

Evening Italian Courses London

Italian Elementary 1 Course From January

Looking for Evening Italian Courses in London? Our next term of Evening Italian Courses in London will start in January! As usual, we have a wide range of courses for any levels. Before you enrol, we strongly recommend to contact us and have a chat to make sure that you choose the right course. If […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Chi Nasce Tondo Non Può Morire Quadrato Means In Italian

“Chi Nasce Tondo Non Può Morire Quadrato” is a super popular Italian idiom! You definitely heard “Chi Nasce Tondo Non Può Morire Quadrato” as it is often used by Italians. The richness of the Italian language reaches its peak when it comes to idioms. That is why at Happy Languages we always introduce some common […]

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Italian Christmas Vouchers

Do you know someone who wants to learn the Italian language? If a friend or family member wants to learn the Italian language or already started studying, we have the perfect Christmas gift to make them happy! Probably you havent’t realised how close Christmas is: well, it is time to buy some lovely gifts and try […]