Long term Italian classes in London

How To Succeed In Learning Italian

Long term Italian classes in London have the purpose to support you from a Beginner to a Proficiency level. If your goal is reaching a very high competence, starting long term Italian classes in London is the right choice. At Happy Languages, we structure our courses in this perspective. Our priority is guiding students step […]

Pasta alla Norma

Let’s Make Pasta alla Norma

Have you tried Pasta alla Norma and can’t live without anymore? The Pasta alla Norma is a delicious Italian recipe from Sicily. It was invented in Catania and quickly spread across the island. What does “alla Norma” mean? The legend tells that the comedy writer Nino Martoglio, after tasting this dish, said: “This is a […]

Difference between Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto

Difference Between Passato Prossimo And Imperfetto – Video Tutorial

Do you know the difference between Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto? The difference between Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto is normally a tricky topic. The reason is that they are both past tenses but are used for different purposes.   Let’s watch this helpful video tutorial!  We use Imperfetto in three cases. Noi usiamo l’Imperfetto in […]

abruzzo national park

Abruzzo National Park

Would you like to plan an unusual holiday in Italy? In the centre of Italy there is a hidden treasure that you must discover: the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise. It is the first Italian protected area, born in 1923 with the aim of safeguarding the environment and encouraging the integration between nature and local […]

top 5 languages to find a job in uk

Top 5 Languages to Find A Job In UK

Curious to know about the top 5 languages to find a job in UK? If you want to start learning another language, being aware of the top 5 languages to find a job in UK can be a plus. Language skills are getting more and more important, so nowadays people who can speak more languages […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Arrampicarsi Sugli Specchi Means In Italian

“Arrampicarsi sugli specchi” is a lovely Italian Idiom to use! In Italian, we use the expression “Arrampicarsi sugli specchi” very often. Unlike other idioms, if you translate it you can catch its meaning quite well. In other cases, translating word by word is very confusing and doesn’t help understand it at all. What is the […]

italian language course

Italian Language in Inspector Montalbano

Are you attending an Italian language course? During your Italian language course, trying to watch Italian TV series and movies is a great idea to be exposed to the Italian language and culture. Inspector Montalbano is a great Italian TV serie, based on the books written by Andrea Camilleri. Every story is incredibly captivating and […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Piangere Sul Latte Versato Means In Italian

Can you translate the Italian idiom “piangere sul latte versato“? “Piangere sul latte versato” is one of those rare idiomatic expressions that we can translate into English word by word. That’s not common at all! Normally it is incredibly difficult to guess what idioms really mean as the literal meaning is far from the figurative […]

learn italian language

How to Make An Authentic Italian Caprese

When you learn the Italian language, practicing with recipes is so fun! A way to learn the Italian language enjoying it is using it for things we love. And I reckon we all love Italian food! Italian food is delicious, healthy and most of the time very simple to make. Also, using the language for […]

Passato Prossimo and Passato Remoto

Italian Video Tutorial: Uses of Passato Prossimo And Passato Remoto

What is the difference between Passato Prossimo and Passato Remoto in Italian? Normally advanced students struggle a bit when they think about the uses of Passato Prossimo and Passato Remoto. Probably this is due to the fact that in Italian we have a number of past tenses and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between […]